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so many mobile app SDKs… so little time

The jury is out. By that, I mean that there are a lot of choices for developing smartphone apps, and the best one to choose isn’t clear. This will be the first of several posts describing our thoughts on the pros and cons of using the various dev kits.   Native App Development – xCode and Android Studio Appcelerator – first to the “write-once” game, still one of the best. Parse – Facebook’s entry. A must look given their clout. Corona – Another great entry, particularly for games. Apache Cordova – Apache is known for open source; Cordova is another brick in the wall that provides the mobile app dev kit. Phonegap – Adobe’s dev kit that’s equivalent to Apache Cordova. Phonegap Build – Adobe’s cloud version of Phonegap…  ...

native app or not?

Now that html5 is available and widely deployed, we get the question? Should I base my mobile app on html5 and a responsive design, or should I develop native mobile apps? We think the answer is straightforward: If you need push notifications, then you must develop a native app!   If you can goto market without push notifications, then develop a website using html5. Done well, this will give you a responsive mobile app, which means that it will adjust to the various screen sizes. The experience can be very good. You can come back later and add native apps if/when required. If you must have push notifications, then develop native apps (we’ll cover app SDKs in future...

the cloud…

We’ll review the top cloud architecture / implementations. Here’s my short list:   Node.js – I’m biased in favor of javascript, the language of the web. Node now has critical mass and support… Java – Strong entrant… with many success stories. .NET – A million billion Microsoft software engineering development hours on this platform… it must be good.  Yes, it is. Python – the do anything scripting language with lot’s of plugins and support PHP – Workhorse underpinning LAMP/WAMP/MAMP. Unless you have a good reason, and you may, visit node.js, learn more and try it on a project. The node team has made javascript run well as a server, albeit with a few quirks, but it’s easy to code the entire project in javascript.  ...